Abuse & Poverty

Tragedy is occurring within our schools, churches, homes, and communities. Children, the most vulnerable of all, are at risk of the serious harm of sexual and physical abuse, and neglect. The abusers being, most of the time, the primary care giver(s) and/or close relatives or friends.

We have lost sight of our responsibility to care for the coming generation. Instead, we turn our heads, cover our ears and look away. Anything, to not see what’s really happening. We don’t want to be rude, make assumptions, make waves. While we’re being ‘polite’, woman and children are suffering every second that passes.

Abuse and neglect have no boundaries of race, economic status, or location. No matter where you work or live, it’s happening around you. Being aware is a huge step in bringing light to the issues. Next is being a part of the solution. Is there an organization within your community that you can volunteer at? What about your local church, do they have outreach programs? Anything. Do anything you can to help.