The science is clear – a clean, organized home is best for you and your household. Don’t take my word for it, research yourself and have get the much needed reminder of why cleaning has to be incorporated into your daily and weekly routine.

However, my guess is, if you’re searching for this product it’s because you’re busy!! I understand! I work full time, have two toddlers, a husband who travels for work, and we have a farm…I know busy.

When I was searching for cleaning tools – such as a check list – I was disappointed with what I found. The cleaning lists that are available are WAY TOO task heavy and detailed for a normal, working individual.

It took forever, but I piecemealed what I found until I landed on something that was actually REALISTIC and FUNCTIONAL.

This is one of my biggest sellers and that is why. It’s realistic, manageable, and can be expanded as your schedule allows.

In this packet, you get a list of daily, weekly, and ‘swing’ tasks with descriptions, tips, etc. – AGAIN, REALISTIC AND EFFECTIVE. You ALSO get a bullet journal-style “checklist” for each day and week of the year. This allows you to print out your bullet journal for the year and then each day/week, fill in the square once the task is completed.

Reasons I love this…first, I love all things bullet journal, but NEVER want to sit down with a ruler and handmake any of it. This is already done for you! Also, I really appreciate the ability to check off items as you go. Whether it’s throughout the day or the week, this document helps keep you on track. My most favorite part of this product is that it fully effective for household management – something we ALL need help with!! At anytime, you can pick through your days/weeks and determine what areas of the home need more/less focus and adjust as needed. THIS is the key to maintaining a clean home – realistically assessing and meeting the needs of the household.

From one busy household to another – do yourself a favor. This is a cost effective investment in your sanity and peace!


XO – Crystal & Family